Monika Mojžíšová

Our daughter Alica started with attending Bambíno in Dejvice at the age of two years and nine months. We started with one day a week, then three days a week and, after a year, with the whole week. As always, the beginning was hard, but Bambíno’s teachers/educators were very helpful with their kind and understanding approaches. On the very first day Alica brought home her first “work of art” made by her and her friends (a bag with lavender). These first experiences with Bambíno are characteristic for the kindergarten in a way. Bambíno offers time flexibility, which is, considering our work duties, a great extra value. We especially appreciate non-stop operation during the summer holidays. The education in Bambíno is amazingly creative. Children create their small works almost every day and I’m positively surprised by innovation of the activities. There are often thematic days or weeks in Bambíno and our child then surprises us with her newly acquired knowledge (such as information of the universe). We also appreciate very much that children are led to independent performance and behaviour. The presence of English lecturers is another great extra value. In my opinion, it's not necessary to learn English at this age; however, in Bambíno our daughter learns English absolutely naturally from other children and English-speaking lecturers. Nevertheless, we mostly appreciate human and kind approach of teachers and educators. They approach our children individually upon their needs and they do it with enthusiasm and a lot of patience. They teach the children in a very non-violent manner, how to respect and honour their friends. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank Bambíno for creating such an amazing environment. Alica really likes going to kindergarten and we reckon on Bambíno for our second daughter Olívia too.

Štěpánka Freiová

When we moved to Dejvice, I was a total stranger. I had nobody to ask for an advice regarding kindergarten for my son. There was nothing left just to start the internet and read references. Since I was about to start a new job and my son was only a bit older than two years, I’d been searching in the sector of private kindergartens that are quite hugely populated in Prague 6! And I found Bambíno! They took care of me there and showed me their system of work. I was amazed. I have to appreciate high professionality towards children and openness towards parents in every respect! When I come to kindergarten to pick up my children, every teacher knows, where I can find them and what’s new! I must admit that sometimes I’m tired, when coming to kindergarten, but I always find smiling teachers and a beautiful, chill-out, and positive mood there. I’d also like to mention my pleasure from the male element present in kindergarten, it’s a totally different dimension for the children! :) As for the English language, our son’s English skills was not our priority. But after three years we can see that our son understands English speaking, he has a good vocabulary and he quite naturally got aware of the fact that there are also other languages than Czech. I could continue and provide other superlatives about “our” kindergarten! The perfect preparation of children for schools, varied programmes and so on… I think everything just proves the fact what a beautiful spirit is present in Bambíno and that me and my husband had not a second thought of taking our son to another kindergarten!!! I believe we couldn’t invest our money better!!!!:) I’m grateful for such people as employees in Bambíno and for the chance of sharing the experience with our second son. Thank you

Hladil family

Our son Jakub has been attending Bambíno in Dejvice for two years; he passed nursery and this year he started with attending kindergarten. It is very important for parents like us with demanding professions to leave for work feeling that our child is taken care of well. In Bambíno, this requirement is absolutely met. There is very positive and friendly atmosphere in Bambíno and it’s obvious that the employees do their jobs with heart and enjoy them. Bambíno has always met our individual requirements and provided feedback regarding Jakub's progress and development regularly. During a day, teachers never forget to take children for a walk or to develop their personalities via, for example, English lessons, ceramics, visits to museums or libraries or some baking. Jakub likes all the teachers very much and at home he talks about them frequently. Using the notice board, parents can get the picture of what their children were dealing with during the day; then, at home, we are often amazed at what a three-year-old kid can remember. We like both indoor and newly reconstructed outdoor premises very much. Jakub’s happy dad and mum, who is great with another Bambino's child. Prague, 12 May 2015

Jaroslavna Zgoda

My daughter was very excited to wake up every morning to go to Bambino, which was the best reference ever. We are very thankful to the enthusiastic teachers and staff who helped us on our Bambino journey. With best regards from Anabela Zubrova and her parents!

Miroslav and Pavlína Pacholík

The Bambíno kindergarten drew our attention from the very first moment and this hasn't changed for years. Bambíno is a combination of beautiful environment, excellent teachers (and other employees), and many friends. Our Vojta therefore looks forward to go to the kindergarten very much and he‘d often be happier not to go home. At the same time, he always learns many new things from many areas, they are dealing with. Sometimes it's surely not easy to get along with Vojta, but the kindergarten staff always made its way and we could be sure that Vojta was in good hands. We're very happy that we have decided for Bambíno.

Michelle Kocaoglu

Choosing a kindergarten is not always easy, especially in a foreign country, but the team at Bambino made me feel relaxed and gained my trust immediately. My daughter has loved every moment being at Bambino, and considers the teachers her “best friends”. Every night she comes home telling me stories about what they have done during the day and what she has been learning. Even though only 3 years old, Zehra has learnt so much from her time at Bambino. The after-school clubs are great, and always the children to learn new skills, with dance being Zehra’s favourite at the minute. Leaving your child in the care of others is stressful, and when they cry when you leave, it can make you worry, but every time I collect Zehra, I hear her laughter and it reassures me that we made the right choice in choosing Bambino. I can thoroughly recommend Bambino to any parent looking for excellent care for their children.

Martina Poláková

We came back to Bambíno after a year for a holiday season, since our current state kindergarten was not open during holidays and our daughter had literally enforced holidays in Bambíno through permanent questions such as when she finally might go to the “old” kindergarten, where she was never bored and where both the children and teachers were nice to her... Bambíno is a very nice place with the family atmosphere and friendly, almost mummy approach. Kindergarten is situated in a nice surrounding of an old garden suburb with a beautiful garden; the place is well accessible from the Flora underground station. Teachers are very kind, friendly, and receptive and apply individual approach to the children. They consider each child a personality. It is obvious that all of them do their work with love. Daily schedules are varied and children are definitely not bored. Moreover, the thematic programme is running during holidays. Children are moving a lot; they spend the major part of the day in the garden. The kindergarten has extended working hours until 6 p.m. and is open during the whole summer holidays. Moreover, if you pick up your child just few seconds before 6 p.m., nobody will knit his brows as in state kindergartens. I can recommend Bambíno to all those children who prefer smaller groups with the family atmosphere, who like being creative, and who like discovering new things. Moreover, as it has turned out, connecting the Czech and English groups was a great advantage – Lucie attended the Czech group, indeed, but she has understood basic English words since she was three and she is thus very easily able to take part in animation programmes within hotel resorts during our trips abroad.

Pia Ariaans

I just wanted to let you know that we will most likely be moving to Istanbul in the near future (potentially beginning of Aug). I feel excited and sad at the same time. Especially taking Lana out of Bambino is breaking my heart. She absolutely LOVES it there and all the teachers and kids in her group. And I’m very grateful for all your flexibility and kindness during the last year.

Cristina and Michal Tuik

With this letter of recommendation we want to say thank you for taking such good care of our two sons Alexander (3 years) and Nicholas (16 months) throughout the last year. For us as a self-employed parents the long and flexible opening times of the kindergarten, and the fact that you only close Christmas and New Year, ideal conditions for our childcare. In addition, the kindergarten made it happen with many things, such as the provided the high-quality organic food, loving and empathic teachers, that our two sons feel very comfortable. Overall, a really sheltered and familiar atmosphere is created for the children - in the small and in the large group - that are otherwise rarely found in the Prague facilities. Particularly, we like how the big kids learn with the small and vice versa. Especially, that both brothers were able to see each other during the day for short times in-between has really helped the integration of our youngest. The many activities, crafting, singing, sports, free play, cooking, making music, and the daily rituals of the children did not leave any wished open for us. We always felt that they had the ideal input for growth and happiness. For us, it is essentially important that our kids like to go to the kindergarten and feel good. Both boys do enjoy the kindergarten and we hope that this will also be the case for the places we have selected for our children after our move to Germany. We thank the entire staff from the heart. We were in good contact and we could always contact them when we had questions. We would always and wholeheartedly recommend the Bambino kindergarten. Sincerely, Cristina and Michal Tuik

Kateřina Sládková

For our Kristýnka, Bambíno was definitely a perfect choice.A beautiful villa with a large garden located in a quiet environment enables children to spend a lot of time outside and on beautiful and interesting walks; children are paid maximum attention and each day there is an interesting programme prepared for them. Since the day Kristýnka started with attending Bambíno, she made huge progress in various individual skills such as drawing, handwork, singing or learning rhymes, but also in communication with other children.Kristýnka started with attending Bambíno nursery when she was only two, and I have to say that, thanks to excellent approach of the nursery staff, there were no problems with her adaptation; I especially appreciated personal approach at the Kristýnka’s handover to the nursery, where a staff member took care of her immediately.Thanks to the time Kristýnka spent with “kindergarten” kids, she coped with her consequent transfer to kindergarten among “new and old” friends without any problems and she can easily communicate with older children even outside the kindergarten. Thanks to the approach of the whole Bambíno staff creating definitely perfect environment for kids’ personal development and supporting their healthy self-esteem, Kristínka likes going to Bambíno; she has a lot of friends there and I've never heard that she didn't like it there. We need not solve the problem that she doesn't want to go there and when we come to take her home, we even have to wait until she finishes her drawing, playing, creating, etc. I think it’s enough to say that Kristýnka doesn’t say she goes to kindergarten, but she goes to Bambíno…

Cathy Hamilton

Georgia & Jessie have been attending Bambino for 2 years. What initially attracted me was the beautiful villa, conveniently located to my home and work and the fact that it provided both Nursery and Preschool facilities under one roof. We have been very happy with the program and staff during our time here. Bambino has always been extremely flexible to our needs. For example: My older daughter Georgia participates in the Czech program 2 days per week (to provide her with the opportunity to learn the language) and the English program 3 days per week. When my younger daughter Jessie was ready to start the transition from Nursery to Preschool, she started to attend a half day with the big children (when she was in the mood) until she was ready to move full time to the Preschool. My older daughter will start school in September and Bambino has given her a great start. She has already learned basic reading, writing and number puzzles so she can be confident while adjusting to her new environment. Thanks Bambino - we will miss you!

Markéta Pazdírková

Bambíno made us very satisfied. Thank you for a very nice and friendly team; the evidence is that Adam was looking forward to his teachers and friends every day and he never wanted to go home in the evening. Thanks to being well cared about in Bambíno, he also obtained unbelievable knowledge that sometimes makes me astonished.

Lenka Belko

Sofie started going to Bambíno when she was three years old and she immediately fell in love with the kindergarten. The pleasant and creative environment, the garden and the yard for outdoor activities, but mainly the great teachers (including the management) and their approach to children all contributed significantly. There is an evident effort to develop the strengths of each kid, but also the thoroughness, learning through empathy, encouraging team spirit and the significance of friendship. I was very happy with the preschool preparation. Within it, the children received a great foundation for the Czech school system and they were very well prepared for enrolment to the first grade. Also the ever-present English thanks to the native speakers in the teacher’s role was very valuable for Sofie. Even though she is from a Czech family, she is partially bilingual at six. She will go to school in one and a half months and it is clear that she will miss Bambíno. Fortunately, she will enjoy the kindergarten until the end of August.

Beata Lacko

Dear Bambino! We heard about your kindergarten few months ago through family which children attend your kindergarten. The family was excited and satisfied with your services. We have decided to enter Olivia to you even that she was approved to the state kindergarten. We have spent a short time with you, our expectations were fulfilled. You are one of little amount of kindergartens that is very flexible, open, with professional approach of the pedagogues, with wide offer of services, clubs and an amazing family atmosphere. It will be hard for us to leave! You have given Olivia a good start and we believe that it will help her to get into a new collective also in the foreign. Thank you :-) We wish you lot of success in pedagogical work and good clients. Best regards


There are plenty of kindergartens with a beautiful garden or a funny and elegant interior or competent and still kind “ladies” or an original programme. But we have found only one that combines all of these plus something more – a great team created by the staff, children and pedagogic principles. It is Bambíno Vinohrady. And recommendations for others? If you are hesitant about enrolment, maybe because of the price, we are sure that your money will be returned in the satisfaction of your child.

Denisa Chalupová

Beautiful premises, awareness of my child’s safety, and learning through play. My daughter does not cry, when it’s time to go to kindergarten, and she comes back happy and smiling. It is a great advantage to let my child be picked up at home, taken to kindergarten and brought back. I’d been enjoying nice details such as the kindergarten staff bringing home my daughter’s favourite toy, when she was ill. Thank you.

Boris and Elena Korolkovs

We were looking for best kindergarden for our son. 'Being the best' is not only the confidence about children security, but also to become a place where little humans start to understand the world around and get prepared to the real life. And Bambino gives the perfect opportunities for children to see the world and get first life experience. Before we got access to webpages with photos reports, we could hardly imagine how many activities they perform with our children daily. They visit various places very often, from fire station to nursing home, from cinema to library, summer camp on the farm, amazing studies! They sing songs, make different crafts, paint something all the time. They study foreign language and after couple of month our son insists to speak english even when he´s at home. Team there is young, active, very responsible and most of them are native english speakers. We are very confident about our child when they look after him. We are sure every day he knows more and more. What else can we desire as a parents? Bambino is a great place. Looking forward to send there our lovely daughter, unfortunately she is too young now :-) With best regards

Joy Bellefontaine and Martin Kubíček

Our daughter Marie started going to Bambíno for a few hours a day, when she was only six months old. We wanted her to learn from older babies and to socialize with peers. She liked it from the very first moment. The teachers were attentive and the teaching staff had the right composition. The environment was entertaining, relaxing and full of the right stimulation. The effect of the care on our Marie and her education by the conscientious people at Bambíno was amazing. Marie has become a self-confident and well-balanced child with a desire for education and with love and respect for others. Now she is six, she continues in a school for big children and speaks perfect Czech and English with a few French words slipped in. She is number one and we are grateful to a large degree to Bambíno for that. Her favourite teachers were: Šárka, Mustafa, Gabriela, Martina, Tom, Caroline, Katka, Bára and Vašek, the bus driver! Thank you once again for the amazing experience our child received.

Alena Kastelic

Max started attending the nursery when he was 1.5 years old. We were afraid how he will do even that we have seen that the nursery is extraordinary and teachers are really nice. At the start there was some crying but girls charmed and entertained him so much that after a while he didn’t even say goodbye to us :-). Finally now he comes home in his 3 years with stories in sentences (and he is mixing English that he hears from kindergarten children in the afternoon), experiences with firemen, trips and various activities. We are calm when we drive him to Bambino. This is not such a feeling like “I have put my kid away because of my career”, but “I am happy that my son is in such pleasant and creative environment that I can’t make form him”. When something happens I know that they will call or I can call and make sure that everything is OK. We are looking forward when Max will start to attend the kindergarten, we see every day how he likes it and how quickly he learns new things that he also likes to use against us :-). And we will surely have a confidence to put also our next, now only expecting baby, to the nursery. We thank you very much for your care that you give to the children. The love you work with may be seen on them and also on their satisfied parents

Hana Vachutková

Our three years old daughter Alžběta has been attending Bambíno kindergarten for almost two years. We can count on a professional approach of all employees. We very appreciate a nice consistency to children but reasonable benevolence to us, working parents.

Aneta Hernández Kačírková and Javier Hernández Fito

First, we were looking for a nursery for Marc shortly after he celebrated his first birthday. Unfortunately, he spent only one day in the originally selected private nursery – we found Marc crying, almost unnoticed, and moreover Marc’s food allergy proved to be a big problem despite assurances from the nursery. Only then were we were referred to Bambíno and immediately arranged a visit. One visit was enough for us to register our son with Bambíno – a gorgeous environment, huge garden, little goats, plenty of toys and musical instruments, a ceramic workshop, little kitchen, professional staff, and mainly – only satisfied and smiling kids. But there was a catch – we had to wait about three months for a vacancy at Bambíno :o) Even before Marc started going to Bambíno, we used the night babysitting service. Originally, we thought it wouldn’t be possible as Marc didn’t attend Bambíno yet, but as you can see, almost everything is possible with Bambíno. Martina and Šárka were covering the night babysitting, and we cannot recommend them highly enough. And finally, our biggest concern – Marc’s food allergies – was no problem at all with Bambíno. We prepared the food ourselves (it was not possible to do it otherwise due to the combined allergies) but despite that we could always be sure that Marc would not eat anything he was allergic to. And even though Marc didn’t want to leave his, parents’ arms, there was always somebody in Bambíno who quickly took care of him and he was given great treatment – Marc returned home happy and contented. Unfortunately, due to health complications, Marc only went to Bambíno for a short period of time. However, Bambíno has won our hearts (and not only for the great attitude of the teachers shown to Marc but also thanks to the individual and professional solutions to non-standard and extraordinary situations by the Bambíno management). We are looking forward to the time when Marc will be able to return to Bambíno.

Miroslava Zálešáková

We started with looking for a nursery when Ondřej was only two. We randomly chose private nursery in a reasonable distance from our home and after a telephone agreement we arrived to Bambíno as our first destination. Bambíno also became the last destination. Our visit and the presentation made us totally fascinated and the pleasant environment and atmosphere contributed to our quick decision. We needed not visit any other facility. At first, Ondřej started with attending nursery few days a week and we saw that he was a very happy and contended boy. Nursery staff and then kindergarten staff has informed us regularly of how the days went by and provided feedback, advice, and tricks of how to proceed with problematic situations. Currently, Ondřej has enrolled in the first class and spent a substantial part of his life in Bambíno. Thanks to Bambíno I dare to declare that he is excellently prepared for school and that Bambíno has excellently taken care of education, games, and development of motor and social skills. We'll be really sorry to leave Bambíno in the summer. Best regards, Mirka

Leona Talacková

From the new school year, Stellinka starts attending the first class of primary school and now I know that the efforts to choose the right kindergarten, I put in three year ago, was really worth it. I wasn’t looking just for a kindergarten near our house or just for a place for spending her time; I was looking for a kindergarten with a “spirit” and I really succeeded, when I found Bambíno. I appreciated many great things such as nice mutual relationships between teachers and children, a perfect preschool preparation and perfect meals, but I was really amazed by the details we were facing during the whole three years of our attendance, the last time, for example, honest invitations for Stellinka to come to kindergarten anytime as a school-girl just to play a bit.

Martina Zákoucká

Two years ago I was looking for a private Czech kindergarten – our son started to stammer and I wanted to avoid him becoming shy in larger groups or even stopping to speak at all. Bambíno is not outlined as a pure Czech kindergarten; they have a Czech group (which was initially attended by my son) and an English group (which was attended by my son after a year, since he wanted to be with older kids). I’m very satisfied with our decision to enrol our Vašík in Bambíno. Except for learning many things about the world around us (visits to the theatre, museum, castle, senior house, talking of traditions, other states and countries), most importantly he stopped stammering, found some friends here, and has no fear to talk with them. After a long period of stammering he built a little inner block of avoiding to talk to foreign people anyway. Due to this reason I want to give my many thanks to the teachers Terezka, Magda, and Caroline. The preschool preparation is multipurpose and comprehensive and, at the same time, funny for children. I can only recommend Bambíno to everybody; all of their teachers are good and empathic, they are helpful regarding picking up your children, and communication with management is quick. Children enjoy here not only indoor premises, but also a perfect playground behind the villa or playgrounds in the neighbourhood.

Gabriela Jirátová

Davídek started going to Bambíno when he was less than one year old, first for one day a week, then we increased the number of days. Today, he is six and he has become an “old Bambíno child”. He has come to like the nursery and the kindergarten very much. The attitude of the teachers as well as the administrative team at the kindergarten is warm and professional. There is a pleasant family atmosphere, I was really amazed by the kindergarten facilities, equipment and the garden. Children have a varied programme every day, they are in an international society, and I consider the organic food as a big plus. When I needed to arrange anything, the kindergarten management always accommodated my wishes. Frankly, there has been no problem at all during those six years. We found Bambíno on the internet, it is near our home and it was the first (and the last) kindergarten where I went to take a look. After the first visit, it was clear that Davídek would go there.

Veronika Manukjan

We are very happy and proud that our son Nikolas attends the Bambino Kindergarten which, I think, is the best in Prague. He started to attend the nursery that he liked from the first moment and during one month he started to talk, then he get rid of his dummy and nappies and he has learned a lot of new things. Every day I see something new at him that he had learned in the kindergarten and he likes to talk about it and show it to me. He also knows few English words. I like the equipment of the kindergarten, that they have a special room for every activity: a music room, gym, creative art room, and playroom, bedroom for sleeping and beautiful beds. They also take care of animals and flowers here. I can see a huge development at Nikolas and mainly, that he is always happy. Also during weekends he tells us that he would like to go to the kindergarten where he likes it a lot. I appreciate mainly nice teachers that I fully trust, I can see how they love all the children and they are dedicated to them fully / which is a feeling that I didn’t have at other kindergartens that I have seen/. They are learning also small children nice and good behaving, children are helping each other, they are learning and inspiring each other. What is important for me is a various meals full of vegetables based on healthy nutrition, which is underestimated in other kindergartens, or they are cooking according to the habits of school dining rooms which is not good. Every morning a driver picks up Nikolas at our home and takes him to the kindergarten and our son really likes this, every morning he is happy to wake up and he hurries up to Mr. Driver, it’s a daily routine. It is very helpful for us at morning organisation and leaving to work. We are happy that we have Bambino! Thank you!

Michaela Jurčíková

My son was amazed by Bambíno kindergarten during his very first visit. A nice villa with the garden is full of happy children and cheerful teachers and, as an extra bonus for our promising biologist, they also breed a few animals. When I asked my son, what he liked in kindergarten, he replied that the Science Is Fun club, his teachers, playing with his friends in the garden, and cooking. My daughter has been attending Bambíno too; she enrolled to nursery, when she was two. Upon the agreement with the teachers, after few month she was transferred to kindergarten. I appreciate that the Bambíno’s approach was humane and helpful again and that they evaluated my child upon her abilities, not upon her age. My daughter goes to kindergarten smiling. As a parent I appreciate very helpful and flexible approach to resolving any issue as well as perfect communication both with the teachers, management of kindergarten, and other parents. English lessons are natural, preschool preparation careful, range of clubs and activities wide – it is obvious that Bambíno adopted the „Learning through playing“ slogan in its full extent. The adaptation process is managed very sensitively and individually with regard of the specific child; older children are supported in being independent, responsible, and respectful towards their environment. Children spend their time in Bambíno in a friendly or even homely atmosphere, which is often made perfect by the smell of a baked strudel. I’m happy that my children may attend Bambíno.

Petra and Petr Skokan

Probably every parent who has experienced this situation knows how difficult it is to pass a child from home care to nursery or kindergarten. You are asking a lot of questions to yourself if you chose well and whether you're doing the best for your child. And nobody can´t answer your questions better than the child itself. In the case of our daughter Ellinka we are sure now that Bambíno was a good choice. We know it. Our Ella is simply happy in the kindergarten. And lucky was also our choice. Bambíno is the place where she lives and whom she lives. She has lots of friends there - the small ones and even the adults. She learns new things with them, to explore and to create. She develops her skills in clubs which she attends there. She acquires the basics of foreign languages since childhood. She has a unique opportunity to grow up in a multicultural environment. But above all she grows up in a place where she feels comfortable, safe and with people who are her second family.

Jiří Matela and Zuzana Vostrovská

Our daughter Mia went to Bambíno in Dejvice from 2013, for three years. As parents we liked the individual approach, the work concept and communication with the kindergarten management. We were very satisfied with the website where we could access all the necessary information and saw documentation of the activities participated in by our daughter. If needed, there was very quick e-mail communication. Mia liked the outdoor playground the most, it had undergone a clever reconstruction meaning it was also suitable for use in bad weather, live goats, school in nature, sleepovers in the kindergarten, and great friends – the teachers. We were spared many problems with the programme for pre-preschoolers and preschoolers as preparation for the enrolment process to elementary school. Mia was accepted at the school we had chosen together. We are happy we chose Bambíno, we will always remember the cooperation with Bambíno and we wish a lot of happiness and success to the whole team.