Bambíno babies 6 weeks – 2 years old

We take care of our littlest Bambíno babies in the nursery so they feel at home. The environment is adapted for babies – it is safe but stimulating and interesting. We select toys and educational equipment that make it fun for the babies and develop their skills and abilities.

We do not simply “look after” the nursery babies in Bambíno, the professional care and open arms are arranged both by nurses and teachers. Every adult oversees a small group of babies. And since the nursery is located in a villa with a garden, the babies go outdoors to enjoy fresh air every day, unless inclement weather prevents it.

The catering is organic with a choice of meat and vegetarian set menu, the menu considers possible intolerances and other children’s limitations.

The price includes all equipment, nappies and changing needs.

Within the nursery fee, the Bambíno babies have:

development activities (from music through arts to playing with a parachute)


care of animals (from snails and fish to goats)

various events in Bambíno (theatre for the littlest, workshops etc.)

individual development of fine and gross motoric skills as per a child’s needs

events for parents (we also prepare fun for the big ones with the little Bambíno members)

professional photo shoots inside and outside the kindergarten at special events, but also for day-to-day school life
– the pictures are regularly uploaded to Kidsweb (an information website of the child for parents), Facebook and Instagram

yearbooks at the end of the preschool year

psycho-social support

if needed teacher consultations and reviews with parents

Bambino pricelist nursery

Nursery fee per month

5 day a week 4 days a week 3 days a week
full day plus programme 7:30am - 6pm CZK 23 000 CZK 21 800 CZK 20 600
full day programme 7:30am - 3pm CZK 21 400 CZK 20 400 CZK 18 400
morning programme 7:30am - 12:30pm CZK 18 800 CZK 17 800 CZK 16 800
afternoon programme 12:30pm - 6pm CZK 18 800 CZK 17 800 CZK 16 800

extra order possibilities
half day 7:30am - 12:30pm / 12:30pm - 6pm CZK 700
all day 7:30am - 3pm / 7:30am - 6pm                  CZK 1 000


full day organic food CZK 165/day
morning organic food CZK 145/day
afternoon organic food CZK 55/day


door to door (min. rate 250 CZK/way)

CZK 6 000 (to and from kindergarten/nursery)

CZK 4 000 (only to/from kindergarten/nursery)


non-refundable reservation CZK 5 000

Sibling’s discount 5 %

If this is still not enough, you can also choose from the following (not included in the kindergarten fee):

“door to door” transport (from/to kindergarten/nursery)
Clubs and courses –  for children from 3 years old after 3 pm, e.g. music, little handyman, sport club
School in Nature’: residential trips to the Czech countryside (for children from 4 years old)
Bicycle and in-line skating courses (bikes for children from 3 years old, in-line skating for children from 4 years old)
Parties – weekend, afternoon or night - we will arrange everything but the guests ;) i.e. decorations, invitations, a programme, refreshments, additional programme: e.g. a clown, face painting etc., or we just rent you the building and the garden for the party
Babysitting of Bambíno children out of kindergarten
Professional photo shoots - professional pictures from life in the kindergarten or the possibility to order photo products see catalogue
Bambíno gift items - see catalogue